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Christmas Appeal 2022 : "Cost of Food Crisis" - Each year we provide between 100 and 150 generous hampers for families in real need. This year the demand is higher than ever but then so are the costs! We need your help to make our funds stretch far enough, we can't do it alone this year; it's a stretch too far! Can you help us meet the need? Please donate [click here]

Christmas 2021: Last Christmas for the first time Kingstrust delivered "Gateway Gourmet" hampers full of fresh healthy food cooked by our volunteers some of it in our brand new community kitchen.

Gateway Gourmet Hampers 2021 Volunteer Cook Annette Volunteer helper Annabel Gateway Gourmet Hampers 2021

Christmas 2020: Kingstrust delivered our usual well stocked hampers to needy families in Withernsea, Welwick, Bridlington, Filey and Driffield.

1 Delivery in Withernsea 2020 2 Delivery in Withernsea 2020 4 Delivery in Withernsea 2020 6 Delivery in Withernsea 2020

Every year since 2013 when Annette Jarvis first started the charity, Kingstrust has made up generous Christmas hampers for those in need along the East Yorkshire coastline from Withernsea to Filey. The towns along this coast have more than their fare share of families in poverty. Each year we provide around 125 generous hampers for families in real need. These families are identified to us by local children's centres, schools, social services and other partner charities.

A delivery to Bridlington in 2017 Hampers in storage ready to go out Kellogs cereals in storage

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